1995/96 Paris Mounties

1995 Paris MountiesIn 1996, the Paris Jr.C Hockey team, Paris Mounties finished their regular season in 3rd place in the Niagara District West Division. The Mounties defeated 2nd place Norwich in a 7 game series in the 1st round. The Mounties then went on to defeat the 1st place team from Woodstock in 6 games, their first Niagara West title. The Mounties, clearly primed for a winning season, went on to defeat Flamborough in the Niagara East Champions in 5 games. With only four teams left in the Ontario play-downs, the Mounties faced a tough team from Belle River. The hard played series went to game seven at the Syl Apps Arena in Paris, when the Mounties finally took the win earning a spot in the All Ontario Final. On May 1, 1996, after an exciting 5 games, the Mounties captured their first All Ontario Championship defeating Napanee. The Mounties Played in 5 OT games in the playoffs and won all of them.

1995/96 Paris Mounties All Ontario Jr. C Champions Roster

Back row, left to right:
Coach, Ron Kells, Dino Dinsmore, Ryan Lounsbury, Jeff White, Steve Cluett, Adam Christilaw, Steve Burke, Matt Jackson, Bill Gibbs, Bob McHutchion, Neil Ramsey, Ian Nichols, Peter Deeley
Middle row, left to right:
Lee Revill, Julie Nichols, Frank Norman, Jeff Coleman, Simon Hirota, Brian, Windle, Jeff Malloy, Lance Haines, Jamie Harwood, David Fenton, Mike Smith, Jim Neeve, Scott McCaw, Heather Roesch, Jack Kempert
Front row, left to right:
Jamie Disano, Ross Sibbick, Allan Knill, General Manager - Wally Kalichuk, Tyler Pelton, Mark Fox, Sean Sweich, Joe Ligori, Brent Usher, Coach - Dick Howard, Doug Pelton, Ron Pelton, Derek Demeyere