1967/68 Paris Mounties

1967 Paris MountiesThe 1967/68 Paris Mounties semifinal games against Dundas were a hard fought, rivalry-ridden series. Coach Wally Kalichuk’s plan to have Paul Sales shadow Dundas' leading scorer worked well and in the final deciding game Dundas fell apart taking unnecessary penalties. Of course, it did not help that Dundas had to listen to 2,000 cheering Mounties fans at the Syl Apps Arena.  

The finals against Woodstock were just as tough, but the Mounties prevailed taking the deciding game to win the Inter-County 1967-68 JR C League. The team went on to play New Hamburg for the All-Ontario title, but sadly came up short.

1967/68 Paris Mounties Intermediate Inter-County Champions Roster

Front row, left to right:
Trainer - Bill Telfer, Rick Pottruff, Roger Ingram, Andy Morgan, Hank McCombs, Morris Bonney, Assistant - Ross Willets
Middle row, left to right:
President - Mel Hadley, Dave Cheetham, Dave Clarke, Danny Ronson, Paul Sales, Bob Weldhen, Vic Generoux, Doug Mannen, Vice-President - Lew Broad
Front row, left to right:
Coach - Wally Kalichuk, Rod Davidson, Bob Harrison, Don Burton, Don Herbison, Brian Belair, Brian Coombs, Manager - Rex Wilson