Brantford Bisons Alumni

BisonsAlumniIn 1962 three football enthusiasts; Steve Brown, Bob McBride and Ron Goodbrand started a junior football league in Brantford known as the “Jungle Football”. The popularity of the “Jungle League” led these three individuals to formulate a plan in 1963 that would lead to the creation of a junior football team that was later named the Brantford Bisons.

Though the Bisons disbanded in 1982, name continued in our community. with the creation of the Bisons Alumni under the leadership of Paul Bartle, Steve Brown, Ted Farrell, Don Barkley, Scott Hogarth and others involved with the Bisons football team. The Bison Alumni became very active in the community through fundraising and donations to many organizations and events. In 2009 the Bisons Alumni made the decision to disband but over the 27 years of its existence the Bisons Alumni raised over 2.5 million for many worthy causes in our community.